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Culture Innovation Lab is a community of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs—people who drive change. We bring together the best in creativity and innovation to develop new perspectives on leadership, storytelling, technology and entrepreneurship.


Culture Innovation Lab is the next generation of innovation. We provide innovative solutions for tomorrows problems. We bring together great minds to develop ideas, curate inspiration, scale businesses, implement innovation and drive change. 


Culture Innovation Lab is the collaborative hub for startups, entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and international impact. Our lab is a fresh, creative, and thought-provoking space for individuals that want to build a connected innovation ecosystem. 

Who We Are



We founded Culture Innovation Lab to bridge the gap between academia, NGOs, government, the private sector, the investment community, and innovators. 

Culture Innovation Lab is a technology-focused cooperative, smart, strategic, collaboration & network-based community. We are a collaborative workspace for engaging community, technology, the private sector, the public sector, and innovation in problem-solving.


Culture Innovation Lab is unique because we combine the elements of an innovation workspace (high productivity, strategic partnerships, and functionality) with a technology platform (hybrid, real-time, digital, efficient) and an innovation hub (high impact, disruptive, creative).


We provide an array of services for entrepreneurs, startups, academic institutions, corporations, and participants from any industry. 


We are the future of innovation and entrepreneurship by creating economic opportunities for the next generation of innovators.


Our vision is to be one space that houses everything needed to thrive in the innovation ecosystem. This includes world-class entrepreneurship events, workshops, mentoring, business programming, research & development, and technology. 

Our mission is to bring diverse innovators together in gaming, finance, sports, lifestyle, social impact, culinary, and technology to identify ways to reimagine the culture.


Although innovation is expanding in each sector, the collaboration between sectors still remains low despite our knowledge that cross-sector collaboration is crucial for building an innovation ecosystem. 

Culture Innovation Lab provides a multi-functional innovation community that creates solutions for today’s problems by offering services, support, and programming for the complete innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem from ideation to implementation. 

We are the hub for ideation, networking, collaboration, business development, and learning for culture innovators.


Executing innovations from ideation to implementation involve numerous partners, often including academic researchers, small businesses, the investor community, and commercial industry. Each partner plays an intricate role in bringing innovative solutions to market.


Our innovation ecosystem enables entrepreneurs, companies, universities, research organizations, investors and government agencies to interact effectively to maximize the social and economic impact of their research and innovation.


Our innovation ecosystems consist of the following six core contributors:

1. Community

2. Industry

3. Colleges & Universities

4. Non-Governmental Organizations

5. Government

6. Investment and Funding

Our ecosystem provides opportunities for the next generation of creators, makers, executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators through our five areas of focus:

  • Innovative Disruption

  • Economic Empowerment

  • Community Development

  • Creative Collaboration

  • Life-Long Learning



Culture Innovation Lab integrates many of the functions of creative spaces and fostering community. We coordinate all facets of the innovation ecosystem to help our members and partners grow sustainably. Culture Innovation Lab includes incubators, gaming, cohorts, research & development, technology fabrication, content creation, programming, events and so much more. We are the next generation of innovation!

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Video Game Developers



Culture Innovation Lab recognizes that one group alone does not hold all of the expertise or ideas to solve some of society’s greatest challenges. Our success is dependant upon having established partnerships and broad networks with government, non-government organizations, academia, community, and the private sector.


Government entities collaborate with Culture Innovation Lab in executing state, national, regional, and local initiatives by sharing their data, experience, or resources. 


Sharing research can go two ways when researching the scope and nature of a local issue in order to develop a project implementation to address it, a government partner can have useful quantifiable data to share. In another circumstance, if the focus of the lab itself includes quantified operational research, the data collected by Culture Innovation Lab benefits government partners as they seek to reform or launch initiatives.

03 / NGOs

NGOs and Culture Innovation Lab collaborations include youth outreach, internships, incubators, entrepreneurship training, an open-source technology community, or initiatives that work in a sector that aligns with our lab’s own areas of focus. 


Culture Innovation Lab benefits from the existing network and specialized experience of local non-government organizations (NGOs). A partnership of this kind leads to Culture Innovation Lab focusing on our strategic strengths while a partner provides its own distinct value, and connects the lab to specific communities and issues.


The private sector contributes to the Culture Innovation Lab experience in a variety of ways. The private sector shares its professional know-how by hosting professional workshops, innovation research & development labs, a thought leader speaker series, and more at Culture Innovation Lab.


This provides a mutual benefit as companies help build the skills of individuals seeking experience through lab activities, with the idea of finding motivated people to hire. 


Culture Innovation Lab academia partnerships often include an agreement with local universities, where students from partnering departments have an opportunity to gain real-world experience by helping to build projects that have a global impact.


Culture Innovation Lab presents academia partners with an opportunity to work closely with the government and private sector. Universities can partner to have a research lab within our facility or host recurring academic courses where they can share resources including inviting student teams to work with Culture Innovation Lab in developing innovative solutions to real-world challenges. 



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